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The year was 2019. Christmas was fast approaching and like most men, I hadn't even remotely thought about Christmas shopping. Somehow, I found a YouTube video on candle making and decided it would be a pretty Crafty (heh, get it?) way of getting my family gifts without too much cash.

I got my plans set, my materials purchased, and motivations set to eleven and I was ready to go. I had picked out a special scent for my mom, who wasn't in the best of health. You can probably see where this is going.

On December 07, 2019, my mother passed away from complications due to Diabetes and Heart disease. What was I to do? I mean other than mourn the woman who brought me into this world. Since I had the knowledge and some of the products, I decided to give the gift I had intended for my dear departed mother to the world.

And out of the ashes rose Deal Island Handcrafted. I learned about fragrance oils and glass jars so that I could make the finest candles the world had ever seen.